Olympic FSS internal regulations

Olympic FSS internal regulations

1.1 During the trainings and competitions, the athlete undertakes to maintain the reputation of the figure skating school and not to enter into conflicts with teammates or rivals.
1.2 During training, proper behavior is mandatory, which does not include disruption of work or disobedience to the coach. Otherwise, the coach has the right to reprimand the child or remove him from training.

The parent is responsible for ensuring that:
2.1 the child comes to the training hall on time and is not late for training
2.2 the child will be able to use clothes and equipment suitable for training
2.3 the child eats properly and receives the necessary vitamins
2.4 the child undergoes a medical examination at least once a year https://innomedica.ee/teenused-2/noorsportlaste-tervisekontroll/

3.1 The parent trusts the coach in all decisions regarding training and competition and does not question his competence.
3.2 The parent does not interfere with the work of the coach during training or competition and refrains from teaching or criticizing their own or other children. Encouragement and praise are allowed.
3.3 The parent has the right to observe the training. You just need to remember that in training the word of the coach matters, and the child's attention should be directed to one person - the coach. Too much parental intervention interferes with the child's focus and interferes with learning. The parent cannot stand directly next to the ice rink.

4.1 In case of problems and misunderstandings, we ask parents to report this to the coach or school management so that we can sort it out as soon as possible and find a solution together.

5.1 Since the training work of "Olympic FSS" takes place on rented areas, it is necessary to follow the internal rules of the ice hall, keep clean and tidy https://tondirabaicehall.ee/kulastajale/uldinfo/sisekorraeeskiri/


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