2023/24 International Interclub Figure Skating Competitions for single skaters organised by Olympic FSS

OLYMPIC AUTUMN CUP 2023 - Event time: September 30th - October 1st, 2023

OLYMPIC WINTER CUP 2023 - Event time: December 8th -10th, 2023

OLYMPIC SPRING CUP 2024 - Event time: April 5th -7th, 2024

Venue of competition: Tondiraba Ice Rink, Main Arena, Rink size 60x30, Varraku 14, Tallinn, Estonia



Interclub Figure Skating Competition for single skating and artistic ice dancers

Event time: April 5th -7th, 2024

Venue of competition: Tondiraba Ice Rink, Main Arena, Rink size 60x30 
Varraku 14, Tallinn, Estonia

Organizer: Figure Skating Club Olympic

We welcome all skaters from Pre-Chicks to Senior, A, B and amateur classes

Competition video: sales@istream.ee
Please note, that Olympic Autumn Cup is a paper free ♻️ competition. Entries or other documents will NOT be printed and set on the wall. All the information is available onlineℹ️
 mupCall for a good deed - Give the toy a meaningful task!

During the OSC 2024 competition, a soft toy collection box will be installed in the Tondiraba Ice Hall near the awards area. If you want to do a real good deed and bring joy to sick children, leave your soft toy in the box of the Minu Unistuste Päev charity foundation! The collected toys will go into a gift bag for the gnome, who will go to delight children being treated at the Tallinn Children's Hospital and the Tartu Children's Clinic during the Christmas holidays.


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Eesti Uisuliidu (EUL) kalenderplaan 2023/2024

Rahvusvahelise Uisuliidu (ISU) kalenderplaan 2023/2024


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